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Center for Molecular Microscopy


At the Center for Molecular Microscopy (CMM), we develop and utilize new techniques and emerging technologies for high resolution 3-D electron microscopy in structural biology (high resolution imaging) and cell biology (volume EM).

CMM is divided into two distinct components: In the Collaboratory, NCI researchers can work with us on important problems that are well-suited to our capabilities. This component of the CMM is designed to use emerging tools in 3-D electron microscopy to undertake biological research relevant to the NCI/NIH mission. The Collaboratory is overseen by the CMM Advisory Panel, appointed by NCI leadership. In the technology development component, we pursue innovations in high-resolution imaging and volume EM approaches to expand the technological toolkit and open new avenues for future research. Work carried out by the CMM is supported by instrumentation at the Advanced Technology Research Facility in Frederick, MD.


The overall goal of the Center for Molecular Microscopy is to apply emerging technologies in 3-D electron microscopy to problems of fundamental interest in cancer and HIV/AIDS.


Our research program primarily focuses on the use of electron microscopic techniques to acquire and analyze high resolution structures of molecules, cells and tissues in 3-D at the highest possible resolutions.