Supported by CCR Office of Science and Technology Resources (OSTR)

Genomics Technology Laboratory

Our Mission

The Genomics Technology Laboratory is an integrated, high-throughput molecular biology laboratory focusing on the development of genetics and genomics technologies, data analysis, and information management tools, in support of CCR Investigators. The laboratory develops integrated strategies using multiple technology platforms that maximize the value of research or clinical samples and lead to the identification of pathways, genes, or gene products involved in the development of disease, as well as the assembly of genetic or expression profiles for the identification of prognostic and diagnostic indicators. The laboratory also specializes in the development of custom genomics assays for quantitation and identification of specific molecules in complex clinical samples. GTL is operated by Leidos Biomedial Research Inc. on behalf of NCI as part of the Frederick National Laboratory.

Technology Platforms

Next Generation Sequencing

  • Illumina NextSeq, MiSeq
  • Whole exome capture
  • ImmunoSEQ T-cell receptor sequencing
  • Retroviral integration site analysis

DNA Assay/Mutation Detection

  • Global DNA methylation
  • CpG methylation quantification
  • SNP or mutation detection
  • DNA extraction and QC

RNA Assay/Gene Expression

  • NanoString nCounter platform for gene expression
  • HTG EdgeSeq platform for gene expression
  • PanCancer Immune panels
  • Digital Droplet PCR (ddPCR)
  • Low-cost global gene expression

User Guidelines

GTL is operated by Leidos Biomedial Research Inc. on behalf of NCI as part of the Frederick National Laboratory. The laboratory is an open core laboratory serving all CCR investigators. Excess capacity can be made available to other NIH Investigators on a case-by-case basis.


To request services from this CCR dedicated core facility, submit your request through NAS


OSTR provides subsidies for Microarray, Nanostring, and Next-Gen Library Prep.


The core staff will deduct the OSTR subsidy from the total cost estimate.

Contact Details

Xiaolin Wu, PhD
Phone: 301.846.7677
Group Email:
Advanced Technology Research Facility, FNLCR
8560 Progress Drive, Frederick, MD 21702