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Sequencing Facility (SF)


FNL Couriers no longer accepted pickup/delivery requests via the phone or email. All FNL Courier pickups from Bethesda to Frederick, must be submitted through the Ship Wizard System . All shipments that are transported on the highway (FNL Courier pickups) must be classified as a Hazardous or Non Hazardous shipment and the only way to have that done is to submit a Request for Shipment in the Ship Wizard System.

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This is a free service, but you need to enter your PID number when filling out the form. If you do not know your PID, you can check with your AO, or this information will also be in your NAS request.


The introduction of DNA sequencing instruments capable of producing millions of DNA sequence reads.

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SF offers various sesequencing services, R&D resources, as well as bioinformatics support.



Users are charged for project-based consumables. Non-CCR and non-NIAID users are charged an overhead in addition to the project-based costs.

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Protocols & FAQ

Here you will find all the forms necessary for submitting your sequencing proposal and samples to the laboratory and FAQ

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Bioinformatics Information

Our team has diverse expertise in bioinformatics pipeline development and NGS data analysis support.

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For questions concerning the sequencing facility, proposal submission, funding, and project status, please contact us.

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New Technologies

The introduction of new technologies and instrumentation available to users.

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SF provides a list of current publications of independent, collaborative research.

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